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Subscribe to stay informed! My name is Koko Helga Saar and I am co-owner of CedarValley Passive Homes, building in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. When I first began researching Passive Houses (or Passivhaus if you’re located in Germany) in 2016 I had a lot of questions and some initial trouble grasping the complex concepts that come with their unique design. It’s been three years and I now consider myself pretty well-versed in Passive House - my husband Rob and I are even currently building our first Passive House! I would like to share, in plain English, what I’ve learned and my opinions on things, since I’m sure you may have some of the same questions I did when first looking into it. Passive Houses are awesome, but the details take a little time to grasp.
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Passive Houses are ultra low energy homes, extremely comfortable, and are simply the way of the future. Imagine living in an igloo with great air circulation and an interior with constant warm temperature - nice and toasty! Remember as a kid learning about the thick walls of an igloo? Yup, most Passive Houses are just like that, with thick walls layered with things like Gortex (a moisture wicking material), insulation, membranes, and anything else you may think is a good idea to stick in there. Even concrete or straw!
In my opinion, what makes Passive Houses different than building a regular “green” or sustainable home, is that your house has to go through rigorous tests to be certified. Okay, so not like school tests, but many checks are done to ensure that your Passive House exceeds the minimum standards set out by the International Passive House Association in Germany. Then you can actually call your home a Passive House!
The peacefulness and positive energy you get from a living in a Passive House can only be fully understood by talking to someone living in a Passive House. More than 60,000 people can’t be wrong! Plan to live in one yourself? At the very least, come and tour one of our Passive Houses! You can find out the latest tours/info sessions by going to CedarValleyPH.com.
If you want to build a Passive House in the Georgian Triangle, CedarValley Passive Homes is here to help you. Just email me at kokoATcerdarvalleyphDOTcom. Or, if you would like to be one of our partners, please email me too.

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