Robert J. Saar

Robert's background

Robert Jaan Saar was born to a hardworking Estonian family in Hamilton, Ontario, the youngest of three children. He grew up in a country home designed by his mother, Õie Saar, and built by his father, Leonhard Saar. Robert’s passion for construction began at an early age when his father, who sold lumber part-time, brought him to construction sites. His parents fostered his interest by allowing him to build their garage. He continued construction projects into adulthood whenever possible, such as helping to reroof his parent’s home. Robert’s interest in home building also sparked one of his favourite hobbies, the collection and analysis of home plans.

Robert's schooling

After completing his business degree at McMaster University, Robert spent many years working in marketing at various packaging companies. His diligence, management skills, and ability to see the big picture were invaluable when Robert and his wife, Koko, purchased Carl’s IDA Pharmacy. His expertise allowed them to run the company successfully for 25 years, before deciding to move up north for a more active and outdoor lifestyle.

CedarValley Passive Homes

Robert is most proud of his three sons, Kristof, Max, and Mati, who he raised with just the right mix of discipline, cajoling, storytelling, and patience. Robert has completely immersed himself in the Passive House industry. He’s completed training in Passive House, visited construction sites, and attended conferences and trade shows. Robert is excited to delve into this new phase of life by starting CedarValley Passive Homes.